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Victims of Abuse by Members of the Clergy

Victims of Abuse by Members of the Clergy Can Seek Civil Justice in Court

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse hurt every day of their lives due to the acts committed against them at a period in their lives when they were the most vulnerable. When the abuser was a member of the clergy, the spiritual and psychological impacts have significant impact on the rest of the victim’s life. Priests and other members of the clergy who claim to be men of God and then use their positions of trust and power to steal the innocence of children represent the worst kinds of evil on Earth.

Victims have every right to seek financial restitution for the crimes perpetuated against them by a religious leader. The offender and the religious institution that protected them should have to pay for the lifetime of suffering they have caused.

Daniel P. Hartstein has successfully represented victims of childhood sexual abuse by members of the Clergy. He is committed to helping victims navigate through the civil justice system and is dedicated to fighting for a fair judgment or settlement. If you have been abused by a religious leader or member of the clergy, call the Law Offices of Daniel P. Hartstein, LLC at (215) 732-0306 (PA) or (856) 910-8900 (NJ) to speak to Daniel P. Hartstein, LLC today.

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